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Fred Knechtel came to Port Dover in the 1950's to work in the famous dance hall, The Summer Garden.  He soon acquired property and opened his first restaurant.  Today Fred owns four restaurants:  The Dover Dairy Bar, The Fisherman's Catch, The Beach House (sometimes still referred to as Callahans), and his original location call Knechtel Foods.  Along the way he also opened the Surf Shop which has come renowned for it's extensive stock of swimwear and casual fashionwear.  He also opened the Grand Trunk Station offering unique gift selections. 

Fred is quite proud to have saved the 100 year old train station (now the Grand Trunk Station) from destruction by moving it to his beach parking lot property.  

Fred also began catering "fish frys" om the 1960's to spread theword on the "World's Best Tasting Fish", Lake Erie Perch, and still caters to groups from 50 to 3000 people at a time. 

Come visit one of our locations and don't forget to try our Lake Erie Perch, it truly is sensational!! 





Knechtel's on the Beach

2 Walker Street
Port Dover, ON.
N0A 1N0

Phone: 519-583-1908
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Email: contact@knechtelfoods.ca